Encourage, Inspire, Learn

We’ve taken all the knowledge, experience, skill and technical expertise we’ve developed in The Tomorrow Lab, working with companies like Expedia, Corona, Lagan Construction Group and Tantastic and created a programme to share that information with marketers in Northern Ireland.

Colab is a year long programme that will help marketers or people new to marketing grow into their role. Through the programme they will develop a deeper understanding of marketing strategy and how to implement it to improve the returns for the business.


Better marketing means better business

Improving your most valuable marketing assets, your people, is the best way to make your business better.

  • Monthly ½ day Workshop
  • Support for tactical issues from industry experts
  • Quarterly Review and Feedback
  • Free Access to #TTLPresents events for up to 3 staff
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Community Portal

Marketing is often misunderstood

Marketing is often misunderstood and confused with advertising, PR or sales. It can have an ill-defined role in companies, covering everything from brochure writing to customer service.

We believe that marketing should be at the heart of the organisation: helping to influence everything from product development to pricing and not just focus on promotion. But for that to happen, your marketing team needs to be operating at a strategic level, not a tactical one.

  • Perform better for your business?
  • Create a strategy for sustained growth?
  • Contribute to business planning in a more effective way?
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