If you’ve ever found yourself nodding along when someone repeats the infamous quote “half of my marketing is wasted, I just don’t know which half” then Colab could be right for your business.

This programme will teach your marketer how to use a strategic framework to build your marketing strategy. By focusing on strategy first, your business will have a clear road map for your marketing, allowing you measure results against your business objectives.

The programme will train your marketer in how use an academically-developed and business-tested marketing strategy process, the 7Cs.

The 7Cs framework has been used across a range of industries and company sizes to help focus their marketing on business growth. The framework build a strategy  by looking at following areas: company, customer, context, competition, competence, content and capital.

By teaching your marketer how to develop a marketing strategy using the 7Cs and helping them implement it, Colab will help your business develop by improving your marketing. And addition to that , there will be some of the leading experts in digital marketing sharing their thoughts on some of the hottest topics in marketing, ensuring your team are at the forefront of the industry.

  • Build your business by improving your marketing
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for your business
  • Develop your marketer and deliver real business results
  • Investing in your company’s internal resource ability
  • Tap into expert marketing knowledge at The Tomorrow Lab
  • Digital experts on hand to help trouble shoot tactical issues
  • Quarterly reviews to ensure your marketing plan is on track
  • Learning from other non-competing, commited individuals and companies
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